Recipe: How to Make a Seasoned Traveler


  • 10 students from across the state of Tennessee
  • 2 Professors
  • Tight connections
  • Bad Weather
  • International Destination


  • It is helpful if the most of the students don’t know each other and have only met the professors once before.
  • Include 1 Professor who speaks Portuguese and has been to Brazil several times (Make sure that he is the one in charge.)
  • Add 1 Professor who has never been to Brazil, but has traveled a lot and hopes her Italian and other language skills come in handy.
  • Recipe can be extra spicy if you add extra requirements for luggage. Musicians with guitars, mandolins and violas added to photography students with cameras and tripods create just the right amount of flavor to this author’s recipe!

    Welcome to Miami International Airport. The local time is 2:15 in the morning.
  • Marinate on a hard airport floor in Miami during long layover due to a missed connection.  Season this with extra cold air conditioning and a loud speaker that announces the time every 15 minutes, welcomes you to the Miami Airport and reminds you of TSA regulations.

Let all ingredients simmer in 3 Airports and 3 Airplanes for over 30 hours.

The secret ingredient for making this recipe work is a positive attitude. 

Remember: “keep smiling”  that “everything will be all right.”

In the end, the traveler will be ripe and ready for whatever travel adventures may come their way.


    1. Yeah, right? I know, not the funnest way to start a trip. But you know me, I’m the optimist. I look at how well the group worked together, and kept a good attitude, and think if we can all keep that up, then the rest of the trip is going to be awesome!

  1. You are so right about keeping a positive attitude. If you get overly upset or angry when bad things happen, then your recipe is liable to burn or taste bitter. Hopefully your students kept an upbeat attitude and followed your lead because I know you stayed calm.

    1. They did stay positive. Of course, we were all exhausted after that travel day, but I’m happy to report that our students represented TNCIS well! Now that we had some rest, and an afternoon at the beach, I think we’re off to a great start!

  2. Good going girl…that positive attitude will open many more doors for you and for your students too. Have fun and be safe.

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