Preparations for Photographers

Two weeks until departure, and I’ve got tons of tasks popping up in my head that I need to do before I leave.  That’s why I’m a big believer in “to do lists.”   I can get the idea out of my head and onto paper.  And more importantly, eventually I will get the satisfaction of crossing it off my list.  Below are a few items that can be done this week, before the week before crazies set in.  This is the to do list that deals specifically with camera equipment and camera gear.

Shop for Gear:  There are a few extra things I that I want to get.  For example, I need a new remote for my camera, and a UV filter for the new lens that I got for my birthday.  This will just be a quick trip down to Dury’s, where I’m sure I’ll find something else that I “need.”

Prep my Gear:

  • Clear extra files off my laptop, to make sure I have plenty of storage space for the thousands of photos that I will take.
  • Prep my external hard drive.  I’ll clear it off completely, and reformat it.  I’ll reformat it as a “start up disk.”  This is helpful in case the hard drive on laptop hard drive crashes, I’d be able to boot up and run programs off of the external drive.
  • Clear and reformat all of my memory cards, maybe buy a few more.
  • Check out and clean the camera and lenses.
  • Clean out my camera bag.  Since my camera bag acts like a purse when I travel, I always find odds and ends from the previous trip when I clean it out.  Maybe I’ll find some Jamaican dollars, I’ll definitely find some Jamaican sand.
  • Set aside a clear  place to lay out all the gear.  Place the appropriate cords, cables and adapters with each piece of equipment.

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  1. Yes! Lists are essential. Saving my To Do and To Pack lists for each trip on the computer by date and place gives me a head start as I get ready to head out again. Even if I’m not going to the same places, I can pick out a previous summer or winter packing list. And I always seem to have the same things to do! If I’m together when I get home, I go back and add and subtract from my packing list what I wish I had brought and what I didn’t use.

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